Arabian Radio Network

Established in March 2001, the Arabian Radio Network (ARN) is the regions largest Radio network. ARN displays a balance between community values and commercial growth. With a listenership of over 3 million a day, ARN has the largest listener base in the UAE. ARN caters to all major demographic segments with Al Arabiya 99, Al Khaleejiya 100.9, Dubai 92, Dubai Eye 103.8 and Virgin Radio 104.4, City 101.6, Hit 96.7, Radio Shoma 93.4 and Tag 91.1.

ARN Channel App

Reflections engagement with ARN was to enhance the listener engagement with the Radio stations. A two-way free messaging communication platform was implemented that encouraged users to listen online, actively interact and participate in the activities with the RJ's. This Digitial Transformation from traditional paid SMS to real-time communication resulted in increased user-base and experience.

ARN Messenger App

ARN previously received just over a million messages per year from radio listeners via SMS, email and phone calls. This was difficult to manage and interrupted the flow of a Live Show. With the New Messenger App, ARN now receives over 20 million messages from users every year and the number keeps growing.

ARN News App

Since its inception, ARN has been a recognised news source and aggregator in the region, delivering news items through each of its radio stations to millions of listeners, but had difficulties in extending its reach and attracting new customers. The ARN news app allows users to select different categories of news to read, listen to and share. App users are also able to customise their news experience by selecting more or less of many news categories

How it works...

ARN News App - Admin

The ARN news app allows journalists and editors to collaborate on ARN-sourced articles, delivering a live feed of local, national and international news bulletins to radio listeners and app users. Journalists can add, amend, handover and submit news articles, while editors can amend, handover, approve and preview the finished product
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  • Al-Khaleejiya

  • Virgin Radio

  • Hit 96.7 fm

  • City 1016 fm

  • Al Arabiya 99

  • Radio SHOMA 93.4

  • Tag 91.1

  • Dubai Eye 103.8

  • Dubai 92

By developing a common platform and deploying an app for each station, the reach of ARN's stations has increased dramatically – locally and globally. The engagement of listeners and fans has met the expectations and requirements of ARN and listeners alike, while delivering specific analytical data to the business in a useful and auditable manner.

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