United Arab Emirates

The in5 Innovation Centre is an environment that supports entrepreneurship and cultivates the development of the ICT and digital media start-up ecosystem in Dubai. Supporting entrepreneurs from the early stage idea creation, through implementation, right up to the commercial launch of the product or service, in5 offers five key benefits:

About The Project

The In5 Innovation Centre were looking for a partner to deliver a one-stop destination for budding entrepreneurs to find the required information to take an idea to market in UAE, make the necessary applications and registrations, gain assistance and networking guidance, all the way through to a commercial launch.

Reflections worked with in5 staff to refine and expand the scope of the website's process to deliver the innovative solution now available to In5's clientele.

The 5 Ways

The 5 key ways in which In5 can provide assistance with are outlined to the visitor.

The Process

The visitor is walked through the overall process of the 6 months intensive incubation.

The Gallery

Visitors gain a glimpse into the life, methods, personalities and community at In5.

We love to hear more about your project.