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Digital Transformation

Ready for the future with integrated cutting edge technologies

Technology can provide incredible insight into the needs and behaviors of today’s customer. And it’s today’s leaders who recognise the impact digital can have throughout their organisation. Integrated cutting-edge technologies in the Digital Enterprise portfolio enable smart usage of data. This paves the way for the next level of the Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation in Media & Entertainment

Like every other industry, media & entertainment is keeping pace with radical changes in consumer habits. Today’s consumer has many choices of where, when, and how to consume content, companies are compelled to put strategies in place that put the customer first and create an exceptional experience tailored to their preferences. That evolved experience can also draw from new technological options like an alternative reality, integrated social media, and more.
The digitalization of the media and entertainment industry has been driven by changing consumer behavior and expectations, especially among younger generations who demand instant access to content, anytime, anywhere.

Arabian Radio Network

Reflections transformed ARN’s user engagement with the Radio Station RJ’s and the Listeners by creating a two-way mobile communication platform. In less than a year, the number of messages jumped from 1.2 Million to 15 Million.

Novo Cinemas

GrandCinemas was the first cinema chain in the Middle East to launch Online Ticketing and Mobile Apps. Reflections helped to transform the cinema ticket booking experience for movie goers with MasterCard & Mashreq Bank.

Digital Transformation in Communication

When we think of digital transformation, we think of the cool technologies—artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, that help our businesses run faster and smoother. But those technologies do more than enhance our productivity, they also change how we communicate with our fellow employees and with our customers.
When it comes to customer-facing communication, most companies are realizing their customers are more than connected, they’re hyperconnected to today’s brands. They don’t just want more meaningful communication, they expect it and they expect it now, on their terms.


At Sparkcentral we enable leading innovative brands to improve their customer experience and increase their service operations efficiency. Our product roadmap is focused on being the leading provider of advanced customer service solutions on WhatsApp and other asynchronous messaging channels.

Digital Transformation in Logistics

Digital platforms will become increasingly important in the logistics industry, allowing small companies to have a global reach and compete with the sector’s established giants. Over the next few years, the race to build a dominant global platform will transform the customer’s experience of logistics and will be the central issue in determining which enterprises will be the winners and losers in a truly digital logistics industry.

Reflex Courier

AI driven digital solution to help courier businesses manage resources and processes optimally. Peace of mind for courier businesses and delight for customers. Delivered.