Sparkcentral makes a difference

Manage all channels with one universal queue

A universal queue to manage all digital channels in one place vs. having to rely on specialized tools for social, chat, and messaging.

Move social conversations from public to private

Sparkcentral enables agents to move public Facebook and Twitter conversations to Facebook Messenger and Twitter DM, respectively, without losing context and without losing the agent.

Bridge IVR and voice to messaging channels

With proactive call deflection, IVR and voice can seamlessly lead to much cheaper and more convenient digital channels like SMS, WhatsApp or app-based live chat.

Take live chat to messaging during out-of-office hours

During out-of-office hours live chat can offer to continue the conversation through messaging, which enables the customer to receive an answer to their question once the agents are in the office without requiring the customer to go back to the website or forcing them to call.

Make proactive notifications responsive

Sparkcentral’s proactive API allows you to send notifications, and customers receiving them can respond. Agents see the entire conversation starting with the proactive notification as a single, continuous conversation.

Synchronize web chat with in-app chat

Most vendors treat web-based and app-based live chat as completely separate channels. With Sparkcentral, modern live chat can start on a website, but can be continued seamlessly inside a mobile app without losing context.

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One single platform to manage all your messaging channels

Digital customer service through asynchronous messaging channels needs a different kind of solution in your contact center. We believe the era of the dominant automated call distribution systems is over. It’s time for the contact center world to start focussing on automated messaging distribution.

Sparkcentral - Insurance Integration

Insurance companies are constantly looking for new ways to communicate with their customers. Over the years the insurance industry has come to view WhatsApp as a reliable and cost-effective communication channel.

Sparkcentral - Set service level goals (SLA’s) for your digital messaging channels

A SLA Management system is designed to help you define demand, monitor performance, and review opportunities in your business. By helping you to identify and resolve any issues and weaknesses, an SLA system will ensure that your customers get superior service and support.

Sparkcentral - Retail in 2020: How to excel in customer experience for online shoppers

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people shop, work, and live. Driven by new circumstances, consumers are moving away from physical stores to digital shopping.

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