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Reflections partnership with Sparkcentral has given an innovative edge to bring Messaging Technology to the region, which enables leading brands to change the way customer service is delivered globally.

Sparkcentral has become an industry thought-leader that is revolutionizing the way enterprises help and engage customers. Our goal is to inspire and enable amazing customer experiences, and we’re doing this by completely reimagining what enterprise customer service software should look like. We believe it isn’t about embracing new customer service tech to prove that your company is trendy and modern; it’s about meeting your customers where they are.

The AMD is the core of
the sparkcentral solution.

    • At the core of the Sparkcentral Digital Customer Service Platform sits an Automated Message Distribution (AMD) engine that supports high-growth message volumes – the “Automated Call Distribution (ACD) of the modern messaging world”.

    • Sparkcentral’s AMD coexists with a traditional ACD in the contact center and does not require any rip-and-replace. It is best-of-breed for anyone wanting to excel in digital customer care.

    • It integrates seamlessly into the enterprise contact center by synchronizing all digital interactions with your CRM system, offering a 360-degrees view of the customer.

  • The solution features a Virtual Agent Framework to let AI-powered chatbots collaborate with live agents in a way that yields highest agent productivity and best customer experience.

What does our AMD do?

Manage asynchronous workflows

Our Automated Message Distribution (AMD) architecture enables an enterprise to handle customer care on chat, social, and messaging — the key group of digital channels of the future — with a truly asynchronous (session-free) agent workflow.

Work at the customer’s pace

Sparkcentral’s asynchronous workflow means customer care teams are able to reply to questions promptly while allowing customers to respond at their own pace without being timed out, having to restart with a new agent, or repeat themselves.

Increase message throughput

This workflow enables customer service agents to handle vastly more conversations per hour — compared to session-based workflows implemented in most ACDs and chat solutions.

Change the way customer service is delivered.

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